Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why a Blog about Ag. Grants?

You may be asking yourself the question why anyone would bother blogging about agriculture grants. But, I'm guessing you found this blog because you were asking yourself if there are any resources out there that could help your farm or an agricultural organization you are a part of accomplish some specific project or goal. And now that you have stumbled onto this page you will be able to see where grants come into play; and it is my intent to utilize this blog to help you figure out how federal and foundation funding works.

Did you know USDA and other federal agencies offer grants, loans or sometimes grant-loan combinations to assist farmers with sustainable agriculture, bioenergy and value added projects? You can always find a list of open agriculture related grants by going to ISDA's Grant Webpage at:

It is my intent to use this blog as an additional resource for farmers and producers to come and learn about various funding topics like where to look on-line for funding, how to apply for funding, and lots of other tips, ideas and advice along the way. Each week I will highlight a recently opened grant at the bottom of this page and discuss all the details of the grant's criteria as well as giving some possible proposal ideas. I also plan to post polls to gather what additional information you would like to know about so I can cover those in future posts. Please feel free to post any comments or questions you may have as it is my hope that this blog can become a forum of information and sharing to help the agriculture community reach their funding goals.

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