Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Foundations as a Funding Source

Many people who start to look for grants or financial resources tend to start with the government. And, depending on the size or the scope of your proposal that is certainly alright. But for those smaller projects, requesting smaller dollar amounts, that directly affect your surrounding area, I suggest looking at foundations as a source of funding.

Most cities and counties have community foundations with grants available to address various needs in the area. These foundations are sometimes set up with funds from local partners and contributors and want to focus their efforts on projects that will better the area. (Local resources, helping local people with local projects.) Sometimes there may be criteria for the selection of proposals in various categories such as; educating youth, beautifying the area, environmental, seed money, etc. Generally, I think you will find these applications to be easier to fill out and with shorter turnaround times on funding announcements. Try this website to help locate a foundation near you.

Also, some larger businesses and corporations offer funding in the form of grants to groups in the areas where they have a plant or facility. Some suggestions are Pioneer or Cargill

Think about any local non-for-profit group you apart of and I bet there is some small project that you would like to get funding for. Perhaps it’s your local Fair Board wanting improved facilities, or your Young Farmers group is looking to start an educational program, or Soil and Water Conservation District looking to provide outreach on cleaning up a local waterway. It never hurts to look and see what funds are available in your area.

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