Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A look ahead at 2010

I received a calendar this year for Christmas, and while the last days of the 2009 linger I am already planning ahead for grant opportunities in the coming new year.

What federal funds can we expect? Well, we know all the funding outlined in the farm bill will cover another round of the Specialty Crop Block Grant. That is a great program that specifically targets the fruit and vegetable commodities. Also the Farmers’ Market Promotion Program will be out in the spring and give markets a chance to apply directly to USDA for funding.

The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) is now open year round for all your bio-energy and energy efficiency needs. I anticipate more funding this coming year for biomass and solar as well.

For the folks in conservation there should be another round of Sustainable Agriculture, Research and Education (SARE). As well as the Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) through NRCS which is a voluntary program intended to stimulate the development of innovative conservation technologies; funds are used to award competitive grants to non-Federal governmental or non-governmental organizations.

May 2010 bring you many new resources, opportunities and….. grants!!!!!

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