Friday, June 25, 2010

Additional Attachments to help Support your Grant Proposal

Every organization has documents that showcase and support what they do.  This can range from a mission statement to a chart and graph showing the impact they have on the community.  These documents can sometimes be helpful with putting together a grant application, as some grants do allow for additional information that supports your proposal to be included in the application packet.  Please note not all grant applications allow for these additional attachments so it is important that you check in the program guidance/required content for your grant program.  If they do (and only if they do) then additional information can be an asset to help supporting the content of your proposal.  (If they do not then additional information may hurt your application.)

Now you may be thinking what kind of additional attachments/information are you referring to?  Think about the following list of items that you or your organization have on hand in terms of adding credit and notoriety to your proposal. 

Organizational Chart
Collaboration Chart (list of partners)
Timeline, Maps, Flow Charts
Charts and Graphs
Logic Models
Job Descriptions/Resumes/Prof. Biography
Memorandum of Understanding
Letters of Support
Operating Budget, Audits, Monthly Financial Statements

Again, only include these items if the grant proposal allows for additional attachments and if they support the overall scope your proposal. 

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