Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grants for Classroom Pets

I remember several teachers in my elementary school had a classroom pet.  Some had fish, some had hamsters, one even had a snake.  But I always remember being excited to see who got to feed it, what it ate, how the animal spent it's time during the day.  Having a pet in the classroom probably raised by level of interest in animals, biology, anatomy and science in general.  That all being said, I do have a grant opportunity to pass along to you to obtain funding to purchase a pet for your students classroom.

The Pet Care Trust is offering a grant in an effort to establish healthy child-pet relationships at an early age by supporting responsible pet care in grammar and middle school classrooms across the country. These grants are intended to provide a means of teaching children to bond with and care for their pets. K-6 teachers in public and private schools can apply for grants or coupons in the amounts of $50, $100, or $150 for the purchase of new pets and pet environments, as well as food and supplies for existing classroom pets. Requests may be submitted at any time and grant review committee will get back with you within 2 weeks. Visit the Pets in the Classroom website to review the funding guidelines and submit an online application.

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