Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Funding for Scholarships

The month of May and June always bring Graduations and Graduation Parties. While sounds of Pomp and Circumstance linger through the air, I sit eating another piece of graduation cake and all of a sudden it occurs to me that a scholarship application is very similar to a grant application. And when I start to think more about it; I come to the conclusion that a scholarship is a type of grant. It is awarded based on what you have done in the past and will fund what you plan to accomplish in the future.

And, that is where the thought for this blog post came from. Although it may be a little late for this year it’s never too late to start planning for next year.

An ideal place to looking for scholarships is your local community foundation. Most offer scholarships based on how good of a student you are or what major/career path you plan to take. Also, I would suggest checking out larger businesses and corporations as they sometimes have scholarships available. In some cases the scholarships may only be awarded to employees or relatives of employees so it never hurts to check and see if employers of family members have scholarships available.

Lastly I would suggest looking around at some of the non-for-profit organizations in your community as well. Many times they will offer scholarships based on need or an area of study that matches their mission.

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