Friday, February 11, 2011

Helpful Grant Websites

Today I am sharing some websites you might find useful while searching for grant funding on your own. These are great pages to bookmark and revisit on a monthly or even weekly basis to see what kinds of funding is available. As always I like to exercise a word of caution and only trust those websites that offer federal or state grants that end in .gov as there are some scams out there in the grant world so it best to be wise and use safe sites.
This is a great site and offers you the ability to search by keyword or by federal agency. It also allows you to sign up to RSS feeds so you can have all the latest grant opportunities e-mail right to you.
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is a site that offers both a broad overview of federal funding and allocations as well as offering some advanced search options for looking for particular grant topics.

You can also go directly to various Federal Agencies websites to search for grants they offer. Of course all the grants listed on individual federal agencies websites will also be listed on the website above, but sometimes additional information is listed on the agencies sites. Some of these agencies may also offer RSS feeds allowing you to sign up for e-mail grant alerts. Some federal agencies that may be of interest to Agricultural related projects are:
National Science Foundation -
US Department of Health and Human Services -

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